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The J. Roderick MacArthur Foundation, a philanthropic organization supporting civil rights in the United States, was established in his name. The foundation established the MacArthur Justice Center, a public interest law firm that formed an alliance in at the Northwestern University School of Lawand litigates for civil rights. He is the son of John D. MacArthurwho established the John D. MacArthur Foundation in his will. It has funded the MacArthur fellowships, grants to authors, artists and scientists.

The couple also had a daughter, Virginia MacArthur. In John D. MacArthur traveled to Mexico to obtain a divorce. Two years later he married Catherine T. He worked for his father in the insurance industry before they became estranged. Inwhile working with a company that sold ceramic collectible plates, MacArthur noticed that the ceramic-collectible market was chaotic.

He started the Bradford Exchangeand by the time of his death, it sold about 90 percent of all the collectible plates in the world. Often credited with becoming "a self-made millionaire," MacArthur did have some financial backing from his father, but the concept, business plan and effort behind the Bradford Exchange were Rod MacArthur's own.

Inonce the business had become successful, MacArthur's father claimed that the Bradford Exchange was his business, seizing its customer lists and putting the on-hand inventory under lock and key.

Rod MacArthur then organized a group of employees to enter his father's warehouse in Northbrook, Illinois, and hustle the inventory into a waiting fleet of trucks. He reestablished the business away from his father.

They had a daughter, Solange, and two sons. Rod MacArthur died December 15,at age 63 from pancreatic cancer. He is buried in Graceland Cemetery in Chicago. MacArthur reconciled with his father before John D. MacArthur died on January 6, of pancreatic cancer. He named MacArthur to the board of his foundationwhich was founded according to his will.

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At that point, John D. John D. MacArthur bequeathed ninety-two percent of his estate to begin the John D. MacArthur Foundation. MacArthur's will, included J.For over 30 years, the MacArthur Justice Center has been at the forefront of challenging injustices in the criminal legal system. Originally founded with a focus on the death penalty, our docket has grown to include the criminalization of the poor, police misconduct, discrimination in prisons and racial injustice at every phrase of the criminal legal system.

When I first started here, ten years ago, I was a young attorney fresh out of law school and having just finished a clerkship. It was at MacArthur that I learned how to be both a skilled attorney and a fierce advocate for justice. This clinic provides a one-of-a-kind experience for law students.

You will learn how to be practicing litigators by working on cases challenging the most pernicious of societal inequities. Students participate at all stages of litigation, including investigation and complaint-drafting, discovery and preparing for depositions, brief writing, and hearing and trial work.

macarthur justice center northwestern

Students are essential team members on our cases. This clinic is an integral part of our mission and our ability to do the work we do.

We hope to encourage in all of our students, interns and fellows a passion to use the law to upend an unfair system. The ability to practice law is an awesome privilege — and we as advocates must use that privilege to serve the community and the public interest wherever possible. We are dedicated to the promotion of both diversity and inclusion. Students from all backgrounds and with all different types of experience are encouraged to apply and join our team.

Bluhm Legal Clinic. MacArthur Justice Center. About Us Student Opportunities. We hope you join us!Prior to the hearing, Ald. Toni Preckwinkle held a press conference to call on the City Council to stop payments to the special prosecutors and to push for indictments against Burge and his men. The hearing came on the heels of a report released in May by the Justice Center and others that concluded that the special prosecutors' investigation was 'hopelessly flawed' and failed to bring charges against Burge and his men 'despite the apparent existence of numerous provable offenses within the statute of limitations.

The Cook County Board unanimously voted in favor of three resolutions urging more action and investigation into the Burge torture cases that have dogged Chicago's reputation for decades. A fourth resolution before the Board called for the immediate suspension of all payments to Special Prosecutors Edward Egan and Robert Boyle, but it was referred to the litigation committee for review.

The resolutions and hearing that proceeded their passage came on the heels of a report released in the spring by the MacArthur Justice Center and others that concluded that the special prosecutors' investigation was 'hopelessly flawed' and failed to bring charges against Burge and his men 'despite the apparent existence of numerous provable offenses within the statute of limitations.

MacArthur Justice Center Director Locke Bowman testified about the failure of the special prosecutor report, as did victims of torture under Burge, and other attorneys and advocates for victims rights and police accountability.

08, Zanevskiy Prospekt, Saint Petersburg

The group called on the federal prosecutor, the Illinois attorney general and the City Council to intervene. Commissioner Collins announced the hearing at a press conference with Congressman Danny Davis on Monday, at which Rep. Davis said he would be introducing legislation in the coming months that would make police torture a federal crime with no statute of limitations.

Egan and Robert D. Boyle released a report on July 19,that found that African-American men were tortured by former Area 2 Police Commander Jon Burge and his men, but Egan and Boyle sought no indictments. The report released today concluded that the special prosecutors' investigation was 'hopelessly flawed' and failed to bring charges against Burge and his men 'despite the apparent existence of numerous provable offenses within the statute of limitations.

J. Roderick MacArthur

More than individuals and organizations involved in human rights and criminal justice work endorsed the report released today and have asked the U. After a four-and-a-half-year investigation, special prosecutors released their report in July finding that torture did occur under Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge in the s and 80s in Chicago's Area 2 precinct. The MacArthur Justice Center was instrumental in getting the special prosecutor appointed more than four years ago to investigate widespread allegations that many African-American suspects were tortured by Burge and his men.

macarthur justice center northwestern

Although special prosecutors Edward J. Boyle conclude it's too late to pursue charges against the officers who committed these heinous crimes, others disagree. Attorneys and legal organizations, including the MacArthur Justice Center, that have represented men tortured by Burge and repeatedly called for justice have taken the issue before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the United Nations Human Rights Commission, and plan to pursue federal prosecution.

The torture represents one of the most explosive police controversies in Chicago 's history, fueling concerns about systemic racism in law enforcement and ultimately leading to the release of African-American prisoners from Illinois' Death Row after evidence showed they were victims of police torture.

macarthur justice center northwestern

Other victims remain in prison based on confessions that were extracted through torture. All of the acts of torture, including electric shocks to the genitals administered by a cattle prod, suffocation, burns and mock executions with a shotgun, took place under the direction of Burge, who has been the subject of various legal inquires for nearly a decade. Judge Biebel named former Illinois Appellate Court Justice Edward Egan a special prosecutor to investigate these allegations and pursue criminal charges as warranted.

Stone of the University of Chicago Mandel Legal Aid Clinic, petitioned the court for a prosecutor on behalf of a coalition of community, police watchdog, and antideath penalty organizations.

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The petition alleged that a special prosecutor was necessary because Cook County State's Attorney Richard Devine had a conflict of interest that prevented him from aggressively investigating Burge's alleged wrongdoing.

Devine's former law firm had defended Burge against the torture charges in litigation in federal court and before the Chicago Police Board.

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Devine's office, the petition alleged, also could not simultaneously investigate the detectives and defend the validity of the criminal convictions based in part on confessions that Burge and his underlings tortured from suspects.

Bluhm Legal Clinic. MacArthur Justice Center. About Us Student Opportunities.He also litigates civil rights and government transparency cases challenging police practices, novel technologies, and national security policies.

Over more than a decade of practice and teaching, Manes has worked to hold government accountable and defend the rights of immigrants, prisoners, victims of police abuse, and investigative journalists. At the MacArthur Justice Center he is working to protect the voting rights of people entangled in the criminal justice system, including those who are incarcerated in jails on election day. There, he won victories for local activists exposing a pattern of concealed suicide attempts at county jails and for millions of veterans whose private data was left unprotected by the Department of Defense, among others.

Earlier in his career, as a Gibbons Fellow, he won an important appellate victory establishing the First Amendment right to record police officers on the streets, and he developed successful litigation challenging the discriminatory surveillance of Muslim communities by the NYPD.

Manes has published widely on the conflict between secrecy and democratic accountability, especially with respect to novel surveillance technologies and national security. He clerked for Justice Morris J. Fish of the Supreme Court of Canada. Biochemistry; Philosophy of Science. But, in Ohio, if a person is jailed in the days leading up to Election Day after the deadline to request an absentee ballot there is literally no way for them to cast a ballot. Even while it disfranchises jailed voters in this way, Ohio makes special accommodations to deliver ballots to people who We are also challenging the grossly unfair procedures the government has used, under which the government made the These hacking tools are increasingly available for purchase off-the-shelf by law enforcement agencies.

As part of this work, the Innocence Project sought access to a federal archive that houses decades of records about forensic dentistry. The archive could hold the key to Artboard 1 Created with Sketch. Jonathan Manes Attorney Chicago, Illinois jonathan. Key Cases Mays v. Hassoun v. Privacy International v. Innocence Project v.At Northwestern, MacArthur Justice Center lawyers teach a clinic course on complex civil rights litigation.

In addition to learning and sharpening their technical skills at legal research, case planning, motion practice, pretrial discovery and courtroom work, the students also get the chance to examine first hand some of the most pressing current challenges in the criminal justice system. I came to law school because of the principle that the law should be extended and applied equally to every citizen. Clinic offers students the ability to discuss litigation strategy and other legal processes with great legal minds and has helped me learn to interpret and apply the law effectively to mitigate instances of prejudice and discrimination.

Working directly with clients has provided unique insight into legal professionalism——our clients were afforded the opportunity to communicate their narratives; and I gained invaluable insight into what makes a good lawyer. The skills I have developed as a result of MacArthur have not only taught me about what makes a good lawyer, it has shown me the type of lawyer I want to be.

Students perform a variety of legal work, including meeting with clients, interviewing witnesses, conducting research, drafting legal documents, collecting data, monitoring courtrooms, and developing litigation strategies. Working with the MacArthur Justice Clinic gave me the opportunity to work for people ignored and discarded by the criminal justice system. I spoke to men in prison and listened to their stories of sitting behind bars for years without even an indictment or having seen a lawyer.

I helped create the first-ever database identifying the individuals detained in Mississippi jails, including some of the very men I met and spoke to. Working with the MacArthur Justice Center means working every day to uplift the voices and stories of prisoners and the poor to make permanent changes to our criminal justice system through litigation and advocacy. Student Opportunities.

Artboard 1 Created with Sketch. Student interns serve in vital roles across the MacArthur Justice Center. They make important contributions to the work we do.

But even more importantly, we know that one of the best ways to ensure real, lasting change is to help shape the next generation of attorneys dedicated to continuing the fight for justice.Students who participate in the MacArthur Justice Center enjoy valuable doctrinal courses combined with real practice working on high-profile cases. For many, working with civil rights advocates who are their heroes is an unparalleled experience.

macarthur justice center northwestern

As they spend time working on cases, students learn about a piece of the world they may not have experienced before.

In addition to gaining practical, real-world skills that prepare them well for careers in law, they also have the opportunity to correct injustices; to effectuate real change.

Criminal Justice Reform Clinic. Bluhm Legal Clinic. MacArthur Justice Center. About Us Student Opportunities.

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Student Opportunities "We get to do an incredible amount of substantive work in this clinic. I have drafted everything you can imagine in the discovery process, responses, interrogatories. I've prepared for depositions, drafted briefs, motions. As students, we get a piece of the entire civil litigation process. To feel like we have some part in the vindication of wrongs has been so fulfilling for me.

And, professors in this clinic really want to pass their skills on to us; they give us the basics and send us off to work collaboratively. They are genuinely invested practitioners who also want to teach students.

I feel like I am already empowered, going into my life as a professional. Coursework Criminal Justice Reform Clinic.Locke E. He is an experienced trial lawyer who frequently represents wrongfully convicted persons contending their constitutional rights were violated in the course of investigations that led to their convictions.

Working with students, Locke handles a range of trial-level litigation matters that present complex factual and legal questions in the area of civil rights. Hubert L.

Special Prosecutor

To learn more about Locke, visit here. David J. Bradfordfounding attorney of the MacArthur Justice Center. Roderick MacArthur Foundation, Bradford has successfully litigated death penalty cases in trial, post-conviction, and federal habeas corpus proceedings.

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Inhe taught a seminar on habeas corpus and death penalty jurisprudence at the University of Chicago Law School, from which he graduated cum laude in He clerked for Judge Alvin B. Rubin of the U. Prior to joining the MacArthur Justice Center, he was Director of Investigations at the DePaul College of Law Legal Clinic, and prior to that he was an investigative reporter whose work was published in numerous publications.

He has written nonfiction books on Northern Ireland and on torture, and is the author of a play, produced in and published inset against the backdrop of the Chicago Police torture scandal. To learn more about John, visit here. Within the clinic, she supervises teams of students who work on trial-level cases to achieve criminal justice reform, including cases involving the rights of incarcerated individuals, the rights of victims of police misconduct, the rights of protesters, the rights of innocent people who served time for crimes they did not commit, the rights of transgender individuals, and the rights of immigrants.

Prior to joining the Justice Center, she clerked for the Hon. Ruben Castillo on the U. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. To learn more about Vanessa and her cases, visit here. She works with Northwestern clinical students on litigation at the forefront of civil rights and civil liberties, including cases challenging the practice of solitary confinement in correctional facilities around the country, as well as cases targeting excessive force by law enforcement and wrongful convictions.

Myron Thompson, U. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama. To learn more about Maggie and her cases with the Justice Center, visit here. Daniel M.